Comedy used to be this whole secret thing, with special code words, skills, and survival techniques. There were limited doors in and those who held the keys were loath to share them with the uninitiated. Today, most of these things are still true except that the doors are more like digital portals, kind of, and a lot of those original people have since died. Some of them were probably even killed by falling pianos.

What I'm trying is that the world of comedy has changed: it's shifted and expanded, while at the same time gotten smaller through the many connections the Internet (god bless it) now offers. There are almost infinite ways to make comedy but the ways to make a career making comedy remain finite. That's what Funny On Purpose can help you do. 

In its pages is the accumulated knowledge of dozens of comedy professionals, from Judd Apatow to Joan Rivers, Terry Jones to Weird Al, and most everything in between. I wrote it with care and realism, through the prism of my own decade's worth of experience working for The Onion, adult swim, TV, radio, books, and real life.

I hope you'll find it helpful. I also hope you'll buy it, whether you're someone interested in starting a career in comedy, if you're just interested in comedians' process, or if you know someone who fits those categories. Or if you're a friend of mine. 


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